Aseprite Auto Importer for Unity is a tool I made to ease the workflow when working with Unity and making pixel art with Aseprite.

As a user of both Aseprite and Unity, I am getting really tired of exporting my assets all the time. You know, my usual flow is something along the lines of:

  • Open Aseprite and draw something
  • Change export settings in Aseprite to export exactly what I wanted
  • Open Unity and start playing around
  • Notice something completely off with the sprites
  • Go back to Aseprite
  • Change export settings again, because this time I need a different layer/slice/etc
  • Repeat

And this can be a little annoying if you keep doing it over and over again. Why isn’t there something like the Photoshop plugin for Unity? Where you just put in your PSD file in your Assets folder and behold – you have your assets imported automatically as sprites, even right after making changes to the PSD file.

So followed a couple of google searches and tests. After them, I concluded that nothing suitable can be found. There were some options, but none of them has the level of customizability that I wanted, so after using them I mostly wanted to just go back to my old workflow.

So I decided to create my own thing! Here I will explain how to use it, so hopefully it can be usefull to you too.


Autoimporter for Aseprite LITE


Autoimporter for Aseprite PRO

Difference being, LITE version imports Sprites only, while PRO – sprites and animations.

How to use Aseprite Auto Importer for Unity?

Here’s a video preview of the workflow:

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