Indie games digest #1 – The best from new and upcoming indie games

Best of indie games for this week (20.7.2020 – 26.7.2020)

APICO – a game with bees!

APICO is an in-development indie game where you find and cultivate bees! Build your bee farm, develop your hives, and gather honeycombs in this beautifully crafted pixel art title. Will be available on PC/Mac/Linux.

To follow through the development, follow their twitter.

Röki – a Scandinavian – themed adventure

Röki is a puzzle adventure indie game that brings to life the Scandinavian mythology. Explore the rich and alluringly styled world and tackle ancient puzzles. Meet with some interesting and magically styled monsters – some of the friendly, but some not so much.

Now available on steam!

Redneck Ed: Astro Monsters Show

A stunningly good looking cartoony beat-em-up game with graphics that can take you back to your childhood. Smash your way through the levels beating up every kind of alien that you can imagine.

Will be availble soon this year on steam.

Dungeon Throne

A compelling old-school themed side-scrolling dungeon crawler. This indie game captures the feeling that you have from old side-scrolling titles and brings in a fresh new twist to it. Explore procedurally generated dungeons and use different magic spells and weapons to fight your way through each dungeon. Wonderful pixel art style and well-fabricated mechanics by the developer.

Currently in development. Wishlist it on steam or follow it on twitter for more news

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